A Pakistani court on Wednesday ordered Jamaat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed’s release from house arrest, Reuters reported.

Saeed will be released on Thursday, just days before the ninth anniversary of the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks on November 26, which he is accused of masterminding. The deadly attacks killed 166 people.

In a video tweeted by a handle linked to the Jamaat-ed-Dawa, Saeed vowed to work for “Kashmir’s independence” and said India was responsible for his detention.

Saeed has been under house arrest since January.

“This is the victory of Pakistan’s independence and, god willing, Kashmir, too, will become independent,” Saeed said, adding that he hoped to play a “strong role” in ensuring that. “It is because of Kashmir that India is after me, but all its efforts have been in vain.”

On Wednesday, a judicial review board of judges from the Lahore High Court rejected a request from the government of Pakistan’s Punjab province to extend Saeed’s detention by three more months, prosecutor Sattar Sahil told Reuters.

“The government is ordered to release Jamaat ud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed if he is not wanted in any other case,” the judicial board said, according to PTI.

In October, the board had extended Saeed’s house arrest by 30 days.