Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken no action against corruption, his predecessor Manmohan Singh said in Gujarat on Thursday, The Indian Express reported. The Congress leader made the statement while speaking in Rajkot at a campaign for the Assembly elections in Gujarat. The first phase of the polls begins on Saturday.

Singh said there is a difference between what Modi preaches and what he practises.

“As far as the issue of corruption in concerned, strict action was taken against those who were found guilty during UPA’s rule,” he claimed, adding that under the Bharatiya Janata Party’s governance, authorities did not pay attention to such concerns.

“You must have observed what all is being said about the son of BJP chief Amit Shah,” Singh said. “If the Modi government wants to weed out corruption, it is incumbent upon the government to take action on the issues being discussed among the public.”

Singh asserted that the lack of action against corruption was “proof of how much truth there is in what Modi says and what he does”.

The former prime minister also criticised the Gujarat model of development, saying it only benefited the top 1% of the society, PTI reported. He said the people had seen through the “lies” propagated by the BJP during its 22-year rule in the state. “Twenty-two years is a long time, and now, the results are there for all of us to see,” he said, adding that the party’s promise of “achhe din” was “nowhere to be seen”.