Fame, power and money – and not the revival of Indian rivers – are what the Isha Foundation’s “Rally for Rivers” campaign aims to achieve, water activist Rajendra Singh said on Monday. He also warned against the nexus between politicians and religious leaders over such matters for their own gains, The News Minute reported.

The Isha Foundation is run by yoga guru Jaggi Vasudev.

“I have rejuvenated nine rivers in my lifetime,” said Singh, who is called the “Waterman of India”. “I haven’t seen any of them rejuvenate with a missed call.”

He made the statement referring to the missed call campaign that is part of “Rally for Rivers”, which asks people to show their support for the cause by leaving a missed call on a number. The campaign aims to “create a roadmap to rejuvenate depleting rivers and save our country’s lifelines”.

On Monday, Assam became the sixth state to sign a memorandum of understanding with Isha Foundation to be part of the drive.

‘I told him strictly, but baba is baba’

Singh said he had met Vasudev and his team and expressed his scepticism about the campaign, but it fell on deaf ears. He said he had tried to explain to Vasudev that a “godman” like him should hold a moral compass for the government and citizens when they start exploiting and destroying rivers.

“Nothing will happen with missed calls and slogans to revive rivers,” he said. “I told him strictly. But Baba is Baba. Baba will revive rivers with a missed call.”