A Swiss couple has alleged that a security guard locked them and their guide inside a park near the Taj Mahal on Wednesday, The Telegraph reported. They also accused police personnel of refusing to lodge their complaint before registering it as a non-cognisable report. The police cannot arrest the accused without a warrant or conduct investigations without a court order in cases where a non-cognisable report has been filed.

Donir Monteanu said he had entered the Agra Development Authority Park with his wife Sabina to take better photographs of the Taj Mahal. Their guide, Amit Upadhaya, alleged that they had entered the park before the closing time but that the guard had locked them in.

“He [the security guard] waved a baton at the tourists, saying he would beat them,” Upadhaya said. “We were able to come out when some young men, who were watching from outside, forced the guard to open the gates.”

Tourist Police Station House Officer RB Pandey, however, dismissed the incident as an “ego clash” between the guide and the guard. “The guide should have listened to the guard and not taken the tourists in after 5 pm, which is the closing time,” Pandey told The Telegraph. “We are probing the case and will take action against whoever is guilty.”

The incident follows the assault of a Swiss Couple in Fatehpur Sikri on October 22. The couple was attacked when they were walking along a train track in Fatehpur Sikri, the 16th-century city built by Mughal emperor Akbar. Quentin Jeremy Clerc’s skull was fractured and his hearing had been affected in the assault, while Marie Droz was left with a broken arm.