Three men were arrested in Noida after a shootout with the police on Saturday, The Times of India reported. The police had been tracking the three men after made extortion calls to a businessman demanding Rs 2 crore.

On the night of January 8, some men had shot at Umesh Vij’s car when he was going home from his office in Noida, Vij told the police. The following day, the businessman said a man had called him up saying he was the one who shot at the car and demanded Rs 2 crore. Vij informed the police, who deployed one of their personnel at the office.

Vij received a call again, and this time the caller threatened him saying he would be “taught a lesson” once the police personnel leaves. The police then deployed officers in plain clothes and waited for the accused to attack, the report said.

“Two men reached the office on a bike around 6 pm on Saturday and were planning to fire at the businessman again,” Arun Kumar Singh, superintendent of police, Noida, told The Times of India.

The police began chasing them but the criminals started shooting before they were arrested. The two men, Azad Sharma and Vikas, told the police about the involvement of two others – a relative Sanju and Vij’s former driver Arvind. The police arrested Sanju but Arvind is on the run. The accused men told the police Arvind was upset after Vij sacked him two years ago.