The Saharanpur Police in Uttar Pradesh has suspended three officers for allegedly refusing to help two teenagers while they lay bleeding on the road after a motorcycle accident. A video of the incident from Thursday night purportedly shows the policemen refusing to take the boys to hospital in their patrol car because they did not want blood to stain the seats, NDTV reported on Saturday.

The chief of the Saharanpur Police, Prabal Pratap, Singh said the force will take further action against the officers after an investigation. “Our men allegedly refused to get medical help,” he said. “A video is viral. Prima facie, it seems the allegations are true.”

The video contains disturbing visuals.


A passerby had taken the purported three-minute video of the incident on his mobile phone. It shows 17-year-olds Arpit Khurana and Sunny lying motionless and bleeding on the road.

“If the car gets washed, then where will we sit all night?” one of the officers is heard saying after a bystander requests them to take the boys to the hospital. “They are also somebody’s children...I request you,” an acquaintance of one of the teenagers is heard saying.

The officers were on patrol duty as part of the Uttar Pradesh Police’s Dial 100 project. The government implemented this system in 2016, giving the force more vehicles for prompt action.

The boys died by the time another patrol car arrived and took them to a hospital.