British charity Oxfam on Wednesday said more than 1,200 people had discontinued their regular donations to the organisation while allegations of a sexual misconduct scandal surfaced. The organisation confirmed that 1,270 direct debit payments were terminated over the weekend.

Former aid workers of Oxfam in Haiti have been accused of paying for sex while on a mission to help those affected by the 2010 earthquake. While the accusations go back to 2011, it has been in the news after the Times published a report about it on February 9.

The cancellations are double the average cancellation rate of 600 per month, BBC reported. “We are grateful for the support of people during this difficult time for Oxfam, some of whom have expressed that they are deeply saddened by the repercussions of the appalling actions of a few - they are determined that the millions of people that Oxfam helps worldwide don’t suffer as a result,” Oxfam’s spokesperson said.

The organisation, however, said it had received 78 single gifts on Tuesday, the highest number since January 1.

Meanwhile, the Oxfam’s ambassador, actor Minnie Driver, resigned from the post. “All I can tell you about this awful revelation about Oxfam is that I am devastated,” Driver tweeted. “Devastated for the women who were used by people sent there to help them, devastated by the response of an organisation that I have been raising awareness for since I was nine-years-old.”