Barbara Ann Alston, the lead singer of the 1960s band The Crystals, died at the age of 74 on February 16, BBC reported on Friday. She was one of the most influential rock and roll singers in that decade, according to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Alston recorded hits like Da Doo Ron Ron and Then He Kissed Me. Her band, with five women initially, was among the top girl groups of the 1960s. She sang lead vocals on the band’s first three singles, including a United States’ top 20 hit.

Alston died after contracting a flu, her daughter Donielle Prophete was quoted as saying. She had been in intensive care at a hospital in the city of Charlotte for over two weeks, The Charlotte Observer reported. Over 200 people have died of flu in North Carolina this season.

Her funeral will be held on Friday.

The other singers of Alston’s band when it was formed in 1961 were Dee Dee Kennibrew, Mary Thomas, Patricia Wright and La La Brooks.