At least three civilians were killed and two people were wounded in a car bomb explosion in Kabul on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Reports suggested that the target of the blast was the vehicle of a foreign contractor company. But Interior Ministry spokesperson Najib Danesh said that no contractors were killed in the attack.

“All those killed were barbers or shoeshine men. I was horrified when I saw their bodies,” a witness named Mohammad Osman told Reuters. He claimed that he saw four to five bodies.

The local ToloNews reported that the Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack.

Several people have died in blasts in Afghanistan in the last few months. At least 10 security personnel were killed in an insurgent attack at a checkpoint in Farah province on March 14.

At least five Afghan National Army soldiers were killed and 10 wounded in an attack at a military academy in Kabul on January 29. A suicide bombing in Kabul claimed 103 lives and left 235 people injured two days before the attack on the military academy. On January 20, Taliban militants had killed 22 people in a hotel in Kabul.