The police in Kerala’s Kannur city on Monday arrested a 39-year-old woman named Deepa after a video showing her assaulting her 90-year-old grandmother was shared widely, The News Minute reported.

In the video, which Deepa’s neighbour filmed, she is seen repeatedly slapping her grandmother Kalyani, who is sitting at the entrance of their house in Ayikkara neighbourhood. Deepa is then seen arguing with her neighbours, who try to persuade her to not beat her grandmother.

“Deepa lived with her mother, grandmother and her two children in that house,” the website quoted unidentified police officers as saying. “She says she was frustrated because she lost her job a few months ago and was facing financial problems. With the grandmother suffering from various illness, Deepa claims she got irritated and beat up the old woman.”

The police have shifted Deepa’s mother Janaki and grandmother Kalyani to a facility that a self-help group operates, The Indian Express reported. Deepa reportedly used to beat them often, but the police could not take action because of lack of evidence.