The Centre said on Wednesday it had formed a committee to address the difficulties some taxpayers face because of technical glitches on the online Goods and Services Tax platform.

The IT Grievance Redressal Committee, formed by the GST Council, will “approve and recommend” to the GST Network the steps it should take to address grievances reported by taxpayers. However, taxpayers who face local problems such as poor internet connectivity or failure of power supply will not be able to use this mechanism, the Finance Ministry said in a release.

The GST Network is the non-profit company that runs the software and IT system for the new indirect tax system.

The relief it provides to complainants “could be in the nature of allowing filing of any form or return prescribed in law or amending any form or return already filed”, the release said.

Complainants who are unable to complete any process because of glitches on the portal will need to send an application to field officers or nodal officers, the release said.