The Goa government on Friday issued an alert to all fishing vessels and casinos operating off the state’s coast after an intelligence input about a possible terror attack, PTI reported. Goa Ports Minister Jayesh Salgaoncar said his department has issued a warning as the Indian Coast Guard has said that terrorists may arrive on board a fishing trawler.

Salgaoncar said Pakistani authorities had seized an Indian fishing trawler and there was intelligence input that it may carry terrorists on its way back to India. He added that the alert had been issued for the Mumbai and Gujarat coasts too.

The alert was issued after Captain of Ports James Braganza sent a letter to the Goa tourism department, casinos and other offshore establishments, which said that he had received intelligence from the Coast Guard that “anti-national elements have boarded an apprehended Indian fishing boat in Karachi, are likely to land on Indian coast and attack vital installations”.

The letter also asked all vessels to increase security and report any sighting or untoward movement to the appropriate authorities.