Two unidentified persons hurled a petrol bomb at the home of The Shillong Times editor Patricia Mukhim on Tuesday night.

Around 8.35 pm, two people on a motorcycle rode past Mukhim’s house in the city’s Umpling area and threw the bomb. Their faces were covered, The Shillong Times reported.

Mukhim informed the police and also posted photographs on Facebook of the damage to her house. “It’s a terrible feeling,” Mukhim said in the post. “I am shocked. Those who did this ugly deed need to be arrested.”

The Shillong Press Club condemned the “dastardly” attack, and asked authorities “to leave no stone unturned in tracking and nabbing those responsible for this cowardly act”.

“Peace has been our hallmark but we will not cower down before forces of evil and no attempt to dissuade us from discharging our professional duties and rendering our service will be ever fructify,” read the statement issued by David Laitphlang, the president of the club.