Bharatiya Janata Party National President Amit Shah on Sunday took on the Congress ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s “Jan Aakrosh [public anger]” rally at New Delhi’s Ramlila Ground.

“A dynasty and their courtiers, who were sent out of state after state by ‘Jan Aadesh’ [popular mandate] now pretend to represent ‘Jan Aakrosh’,” Shah tweeted. “Today’s Congress rally is nothing but a ‘Parivar Aakrosh Rally’ [family anger rally] which highlights their increasing irrelevance.”

“During today’s rally you will see abject India hatred on display,” Shah said. “After all, the Congress cannot digest that 125 crore Indians have seen through their anti-development and highly divisive politics. Congress’ efforts to create divisions are fully exposed!”

The BJP leader asked why the Opposition party had not allowed Parliament to function during the Budget session, and said the Congress should explain why it had prevented the formation of an Other Backward Classes commission. Shah also asked Gandhi to apologise for its “efforts to trample over every possible institution in the country just because of their power hungry nature”.

On Saturday, Shah had criticised Gandhi for questioning Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s track record, and asked the Congress president to list the contributions of four generations of his family, PTI reported.

“Rahul Gandhi has been travelling around Karnataka and asking what the Modi government has done in the last four years,”the BJP leader said at an election rally in Hunagunda in Karnataka’s Bagalkot district. “We do not need to answer Rahul baba’s question. The people of the country are asking about the contribution of your four generations.”

Shah said that the UPA government had given Rs 88,000 crore to the state under the 13th Finance Commission five years ago while the BJP increased its share to Rs 2.19 lakh crore in the 14th Finance Commission. He also criticised the Siddaramaiah government for not doing anything about the reported murders of 24 BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh workers.

The Assembly elections in Karnataka will be held on May 12, and the result will be out on May 15. The term of the current Assembly, which has 224 seats, ends on May 28. These elections are key because Karnataka is the only major state left under the Congress’ rule, and its results are expected to set the tone for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.