The Kerala High Court on Wednesday named a child after his estranged parents couldn’t agree on one. The court disposed of two separate petitions filed by the parents and asked the Registrar (Births & Deaths) to issue a birth certificate to the five-year-old boy in the name of Johan Sachin within two weeks, reported The Times of India.

The child needed his birth certificate to apply for admission to a school. The father of the child insisted that he be named Abhinav Sachin while the mother wanted the child to be called Johan Mani Sachin. The mother had cited the child’s baptism certificate while the father said they had decided on Abhinav Sachin at the child’s 28th-day ceremony.

“The name “Johan” would represent the wishes of the mother of the child and the name “Sachin”, as a surname would satisfy the requirement of the father of the child as the said name would identify the child as his,” said Justice Jayasankaran Nambiar.

The inter-religious couple, who married in 2010, are in the middle of divorcing. Their case is pending before the Family Court. Currently, the child is in the custody of the mother while the father has got occasional custody.