Kolkata Police on Saturday arrested a man for masturbating while staring at a woman on a public bus, PTI reported. The police made the arrest after a video of him purportedly taken during the incident went viral.

“The accused, a resident of Baidyabati and a hawker, was arrested by the Shyampukur police,” Joint Commissioner of police (Headquarters) Supratim Sarkar told The Indian Express.

In a Facebook post, the woman had reportedly said that she was travelling from Hedua area when the incident occurred. “My friend and I were returning to our home on the bus when suddenly we saw a middle-aged man behaving indecently with us,” she wrote. “But no one objected to it. When we alerted the conductor he said ‘What can do I do? How can we know what is running in his mind’. Not a single person came to our support.”

The woman said this was not the first time the man had flashed at her. “About 15 days ago, he had done the same thing,” she said according to The Times of India. “I was afraid to react then. I also did not have evidence. This time though, I have evidence.”

The Kolkata Police published a post about the arrest on Facebook. “A woman has shared a video on our Facebook page which shows the act of public indecency,” the police said. “We have received several messages with regard to the post. We do not see a need of any written complaint in this case yet. The video was enough for us to take action. We have registered a case on the basis of the video already.”