Several people were killed and over 90 were wounded in twin blasts near a Shia mosque in Baghdad’s Sadr City district on Wednesday, Reuters reported. An interior ministry spokesman said the explosion was caused by the detonation of an ammunition cache.

There were varying reports on the toll. While Reuters reported that at least 18 people were killed, according to AFP at least 16 people were killed. A report in Al Jazeera said at least seven people died in the blasts.

An investigation into the incident has been initiated. Media reports conflicting reasons for the cause of the blast. State media quoted an unidentified spokesperson who described the incident as a “terrorist aggression on civilians”. The news agency, however, quoted an unidentified police official who said that the blast occurred during the transfer of ammunition from the mosque to a car.

Sadr is home to many supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada’s al-Sadr whose coalition won the majority in the parliamentary elections held on May 12. Earlier on Wednesday, members of Iraq’s parliament had voted in favour of a recount of the 11 million votes.

In May, the Iraqi Communist Party headquarters was targeted with two homemade bombs. The party was part of Sadr’s Sairoon coalition.