United States President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he would consider inviting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the White House if their summit in Singapore goes well.

“Certainly if it goes well,” Trump said, when asked if he would consider the idea. “And I think it would be well received. I think he would look at it very favourably.”

Trump also said the summit on June 12 is “going to be much more than a photo-op”.

“I think it’s a process,” Trump said. “I think it’s not a one-meeting deal. This will not be just a photo op. This will be – at a minimum, we’ll start with, perhaps, a good relationship. And that’s something that’s very important toward the ultimate making of a deal.”

The president also said he was “very well prepared” for the summit. “I don’t think I have to prepare very much,” he said. “It’s about the attitude. It’s about willingness to get things done. But I think I’ve been preparing for the summit for a long time.”

Singapore is set to host the historic meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un on June 12 at Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that the meeting in Singapore will be “the start of something new”. He had said the plans were “moving along very nicely” and that one of the main agendas of the summit would be the formal ending of the Korean War.