The Election Commission on Friday said the Congress’ allegation of large-scale errors in Madhya Pradesh’s electoral rolls was incorrect, reported The Hindu. A week ago, the Congress submitted a complaint to the Election Commission, alleging that there are approximately 60 lakh fake voters registered in the voting list.

“It seems the complaint referred to the figure of about 68 lakh duplicate entries that were identified by the commission in 2016,” an official told The Hindu. “Thereafter, the records have been corrected in most cases. The process is under way and by the Assembly polls, the remaining discrepancies are expected to be resolved.”

The commission set up four teams to visit the Assembly seats of Narela, Bhojpur, Hoshangabad and Seoni-Malwa to conduct a preliminary inquiry into the allegation, reported The Indian Express. In Seoni-Malwa, the Congress alleged 2,442 entries were similar across polling stations in the same seat. The fact-finding team found that of these, 2,397 were genuine voters. The remaining 45 names will be deleted because they have either shifted or died. In Narela, 17,684 out of 22,252 entries cited by the Congress in its complaint found to be genuine. In Hoshangabad, all the alleged 552 incorrect entries were found unique. In Bhojpur, the commission found 29 out of the 36 cases genuine.

“The team also personally verified the cases of identical image case in AC (assembly constituency) and found that 449 such cases have already been verified and in 147 cases rectifications have already been carried out,” read the commission’s letter to the Congress, according to The Indian Express. “...The allegation of large-scale entries of multiple voters in these four Assembly constituencies is not borne out.”