Wholesale price inflation in June rose to 5.77% from 4.43% the month before, data released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry showed on Monday. This is the highest inflation rate since December 2013.

Prices of food articles rose by 1.8% in June over the corresponding month in 2017. The index for non-food articles rose by 3.81%. Potato prices were 99% higher in June over the corresponding month of the previous year. Conversely, prices of pulses declined by 20.23%. Overall, prices of primary articles rose by 5.30%.

Fuel prices increased by 16.18% year-on-year, with high-speed diesel becoming more expensive by 21.63%, Liquefied Petroleum Gas by 19.64% and petrol by 17.45%.

Prices of manufactured goods rose by 4.17% in June. Prices in the category “manufacture of basic metals” rose by 17.34%, and in”manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats” by 13.69%. On the other hand, sugar became cheaper by 13.37%.

Corrections and clarifications: The headline of this story has been edited to reflect that wholesale price inflation in June was the highest since December 2013 and not the highest in 15 months.