Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday supported an Indian Administrative Service officer from Jammu and Kashmir, who said last week that the government was investigating him for his comments about “rape culture” in South Asia.

“Patriarchy+Population+Illiteracy+Alcohol+Porn+Technology+Anarchy = Rapistan!” Shah Faesal had said in a tweet in April.

“I write to you in solidarity against the Jammu and Kashmir government’s decision to initiate an inquiry for expressing your opinion on the rising incidents of rape in India,” Gandhi told Faesal on Tuesday, according to PTI. Jammu and Kashmir is under Governor’s Rule after the Bharatiya Janata Party pulled out of a coalition government with the People’s Democratic Party in June.

The Congress president said that the founders of independent India had envisioned freedom of expression as the fundamental right of every citizen. “This freedom not only allows a nation to introspect about pressing social problems, but also helps us find ways to address them,” he said.

Gandhi further said: “I feel it is extremely troubling that the government has singled you out for voicing your opinions. It exhibits an insecurity that is unbecoming of any government. You deserve to be appreciated for identifying and courageously highlighting the problems that plague India. We are with you in letter and spirit.”