The crime branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Police on Monday filed a supplementary chargesheet in connection with the murder and alleged rape of a girl in Kathua earlier this year, PTI reported. The chargesheet was filed in the Pathankot court that is hearing the case.

According to the chargesheet, the eight-year-old was overdosed with sedatives, including cannabis, throughout her captivity, “rendering her incapacitated” to resist the sexual assault and murder. The crime branch also gave details of the analyses of calls and bank accounts that led it to the eight accused.

The girl was allegedly abducted on January 10 and killed on January 14. Her body was found near Kathua on January 17. During investigation, “it has been established that the victim was administered sedatives by the accused during her captivity”, said the chargesheet, according to PTI.

“She was forcefully administered five tablets of Clonazepam of 0.5 mg each on January 11, 2018, which is higher than the safe therapeutic dose,” the medical report with the chargesheet said. “Subsequently more tablets were given...The signs and symptoms of an overdose may include drowsiness, confusion, impaired coordination, slow reflexes, slowed or stopped breathing, coma (loss of consciousness) and death.”

The tablets could have pushed the girl into a state of shock or coma, said the report.

On July 9, the Supreme Court had asked the police to file the supplementary chargesheet within eight weeks. The first chargesheet was filed in April.