The Congress on Tuesday criticised the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government after the Indian rupee hit a record low, touching 70.08 against the US dollar in early trade. The Opposition party took a jibe at the prime minister by citing Modi’s constant claims that his government would achieve in 60 months what the Congress had failed to accomplish in the “60 years” of its existence as a dominant party in the nation’s politics.

“Modiji finally managed to do something that we couldn’t do in 70 years,” the Congress tweeted.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to rebuke the prime minister and shared a video of Modi criticising the erstwhile Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government for a drop in the rupee’s value in 2013. “The Indian Rupee just gave the Supreme Leader, a vote of no confidence, crashing to a historic low,” Gandhi tweeted.

The Opposition party said: “The falling rupee and failing economy is Modiji’s Independence Day gift to the nation! ‘Modinomics’ has wreaked havoc for India’s economy and left it in dire straits. A falling Rupee is the stark symbol of the abject failures and economic mismanagement.”

The government, however, blamed external factors for the depreciation, which it said will ease going forward, PTI reported. There is “nothing at this stage to worry”, Economic Affairs Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg said.