India will not remain as young by 2050 as it is now – the below-15 population is likely to fall from 28% of the total population to 19% three decades later, according to a United States-based nonprofit. The percentage of people older than 65, however, is likely to rise from 6% in 2018 to 13% in 2050.

India will be more populous than China by 2030, and will keep adding more people to let the gap between their populations swell three times by 2050, according to the 2018 World Population Data Sheet released by the Population Reference Bureau on Wednesday. China’s population is likely to decline in those two decades to levels lower than even today.

There will be 112 million more Indians than Chinese by 2030, but this difference will be 336 million by 2050. Currently, China leads by 22 million people.

According to the report, India will have 1.53 billion people in 2030 and 1.68 billion people in 2050. China’s population is forecast to reach 1.42 billion in 2030 and fall to 1.34 billion in 2050. The expected population of China in 2050 is lower than its current population of around 1.39 billion.

However, India’s share in the world’s population will decline in the coming decades, the report said. According to an analysis of the data by the Hindustan Times, India has 18% of the world population in 2018, but this figure will be 17.1% by 2050.