A lawyer based in Bengaluru has accused actor Prakash Raj of hurting religious sentiments by mocking cow urine and cow dung, reported The Week on Wednesday.

Kiran N has filed a private complaint in a local court against Raj as the Hanumanthanagar police failed to take action on a complaint he filed on May 8.

According to India Today, the actor had said: “You do not know about cows. You know about cow urine. If you want to wash your clothes, you need 1 kg cow dung and 2 litres of cow urine. You then need to mix all of this and wash your clothes. Why because, except for cow urine, you do not know anything else. So, do not give us this story.”

The lawyer claimed that Raj had made unfair comments on the cow that were defamatory to the Hindu community. “By depicting it [cow dung, urine] as detergents or washing agents, with malafide intention and ulterior motive to insult the religious feelings of the complainant as well as the entire followers of Hinduism,” he said.

Responding to the complaint, Raj tweeted that fake cases were being foisted against him to create an “anti-Hindu” image of him. “How long will your HATE [and] FAKE politics work,” he said.

The actor has previously criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “silence” on journalist Gauri Lankesh’s death and had claimed the Bharatiya Janata Party “is like cancer”.