Fuel prices once again rose to all-time highs on Thursday. The price of petrol increased from Rs 79.31 per litre on Wednesday to Rs 79.51 on Thursday in Delhi. The price of diesel rose from Rs 71.34 per litre to Rs 71.55.

In Mumbai, petrol cost Rs 86.91 per litre on Thursday, an increase of 19 paise. Diesel cost Rs 75.96 in the country’s commercial capital, compared to Rs 75.74 on Wednesday.

Petrol price in Kolkata surged from Rs 82.22 per litre on Wednesday to Rs 82.41 per litre on Thursday. Diesel price rose from Rs 74.19 per litre to Rs 74.40.

In Chennai, petrol cost Rs 82.62 on Thursday as compared to Rs 82.41 on Wednesday. Diesel cost Rs 75.61 per litre against Rs 75.39 on Wednesday.

The weakening of the rupee against the US dollar has contributed to the continually rising fuel prices. On Thursday, the rupee breached the 72-mark before recovering in afternoon trade.

State-owned oil firms had in June last year discarded the policy of changing fuel rates on the first and 16th of every month, and resorted to daily price revision instead.