The Central University of Tamil Nadu has asked students not to express dissent against government policies by indulging in “unauthorised activities”. The university’s notice comes at a time when students and teachers at Central University of Kerala are protesting against a series of “disciplinary actions” against leftist and Dalit activists.

The circular, which was issued on Monday, reads: “It has come to the notice of the university that a few students are planning to indulge in unauthorised activities, viz assembling in the common place, organising rally, expressing dissension, agitation, etc against government policies.”

University regulations prohibit “congregation for political or religious or any other matters, other than matters relating to education and research”, the circular added. The university, which is located in Neelakudi in Thiruvarur district, advised students not to dissent against government policies.

On Sunday, protesting students and teachers in the Central University of Kerala in Kochi claimed the campus is being run by a “vindictive Hindutva regime that won’t spare anyone who raises their voice”. This followed the dismissal of a student of international relations and political science on September 6 for writing a Facebook post that allegedly used “filthy and abusive words” against the vice chancellor, the registrar and the warden. The student has rejected the charges and called it “political vendetta”.

The university administration in Kerala said no student or teacher has the right to criticise any “collective decision” taken by the university.