The Uttarakhand Assembly on Wednesday passed a resolution declaring the cow the “rashtra mata”, or mother of the nation, reported PTI. The resolution will now be forwarded to the Centre.

“Uttarakhand government is for the protection of cows and we want to ensure that killing of cow is prohibited in the entire nation,” said Animal Husbandry Minister Rekha Arya. The minister, who tabled the resolution, added that the status of rashtra mata “is another step towards cow protection”.

Arya spoke of the “medicinal qualities” of cow urine, and claimed that the cow is the “only animal that not only inhales oxygen, but also exhales it”.

Members of the Opposition Congress also supported the resolution but some of them raised a few concerns. “What is the intention behind seeking rashtra mata status?” asked Leader of the Opposition Indira Hridayesh, News18 reported. “Will it stop bovines from roaming on the roads?”

State Congress president and former minister Pritam Singh said his party was okay with the resolution but the government must ensure the “welfare of cow progeny”.