A Jet Airways pilots’ organisation on Friday said it was open to discussing the loss of cabin pressure in a Mumbai-Jaipur flight the previous day that caused several passengers to bleed from the nose and ears, but warned against blaming the aircraft’s crew before an ongoing investigation is completed, PTI reported.

At least 30 passengers on the flight, which was carrying 171 people, started bleeding after the crew forgot to switch on the system to maintain cabin pressure. Five passengers suffered minor trauma to their ears.

The flight’s cockpit crew was reportedly taken off duty pending investigation by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau.

“We have had a preliminary look into the incident involving two of our members with regard to the improper handling of pressurisation on the Mumbai-Jaipur flight,” said the National Aviator’s Guild, which represents more than 1,100 domestic pilots of the airline. “The matter is under investigation by DGCA [Directorate General of Civil Aviation] and hence it would prudent to await the results of the probe.”

It is almost impossible to conduct an accurate assessment of what caused the incident without the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, the union added.

The Centre has also directed the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to prepare a safety audit plan within 30 days. The plan must include an assessment of safety parameters of airlines, airports, flying training schools and companies carrying out maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft, the government said.