United States President Donald Trump on Monday said he would hold a second meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un “quite soon”. The two leaders held a historic summit in Singapore on June 12 during which Pyongyang promised to get rid of its nuclear weapons.

“It looks like we will have a second summit quite soon,” CNN quoted Trump as saying at the United Nations. “As you know, Kim Jong-un wrote a letter – a beautiful letter – and asked me for a second meeting and we will be doing that. [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo will work that out in the immediate future.”

Trump claimed times have changed since last year, when he first threatened to unleash “fire and fury” on North Korea. “This is a different world,” he added. “That was a very dangerous time. This is one year later, a much different time,”.

The US president had said last week that a “major, major conflict” was possible with North Korea in the near future owing to the country’s nuclear and missile programmes. “We would love to solve things diplomatically but it is very difficult,” he had added.