At least two people were killed and over 160 injured as typhoon Trami battered Japan, The Japan Times reported on Monday quoting officials. A 50-year-old truck driver was killed in Tottori Prefecture during a landslide, and another man was found dead in a river in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Trami is the season’s 24th typhoon, The Japan Times said. Trami, which made landfall in Wakayama Prefecture on Sunday evening, packed gusts of up to 216 km per hour at its peak, but weakened as it moved over land on Sunday and Monday. Hachioji, in western Tokyo, recorded winds of up to 164 km per hour, a record for the city.

Public transport services in the central, eastern and western parts of Japan ere suspended on sunday. Safety checks and operations to clear debris and fallen trees from tracks delayed the resumption of train services in Tokyo on Monday morning. As a result, the stations were very crowded. Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways planned to cancel more than 180 flights on Monday.

Meanwhile, around 4.5 lakh houses in Tokyo and its vicinity suffered power cuts. Around 8.6 lakh households in the Tokai area and 57,000 households in northeastern Japan and Niigata Prefecture are also without electricity.

“We saw incredible winds and rain,” Yuji Ueno, an official in the town of Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture, told AFP. “I stepped outside City Hall in the afternoon, and the rain was swirling in very strong wind. Enormous wind.” As many as 36,000 people have been evacuated to relief shelters in the country.