Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah on Saturday once again described infiltrators as termites and promised to drive them out of the country, reported PTI. He was addressing a rally in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh, which is scheduled to hold Assembly elections in November.

“While you [farmers] feed the people, they [soldiers] guard our borders,” said Shah. “But infiltrators are like termites who eat away at the country’s security. They need to be removed.”

The security of the country, and not vote-bank politics, mattered to the BJP, said Shah. “We will drive out each and every infiltrator,” he said. “The BJP will not allow a single infiltrator to stay.”

At a public rally in Rajasthan last month, Shah had called Bangladeshi migrants termites, who will soon be removed from the electoral rolls in India. He credited the Narendra Modi-led government with preparing a National Register of Citizens and said, “It will now pick out each and every infiltrator.”

Shah also asked Congress chief Rahul Gandhi to give an account of the work done by his family when in power instead of questioning Modi’s performance. “We do not need to answer you [Rahul Gandhi],” said Shah. “But the people of the country are asking you to give the account of [work done by] your four generations.”

‘BJP works for a few rich people’

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused the ruling BJP of focusing on the interests of a few rich people while ignoring farmers and other sections of the society, reported PTI.

“If you want to help out the rich, do it... but also help the farmers and other poor sections of the society,” he said. “If Rs 3 lakh crore of the rich can be written off, then why not give such concessions to farmers and other poor sections of the society?” Gandhi was speaking at an event organised by a tribal organisation in Madhya Pradesh’s Morena.

Unlike the BJP, the Congress thinks about the interests of the poor before implementing a decision, said Gandhi. “If the decision will harm the interests of the poor, I never go ahead with its implementation,” he said. “On the other hand, the BJP thinks whether its decisions will benefit the rich.”