The Bombay High Court on Wednesday quashed a molestation case against industrialist Ness Wadia that actor Preity Zinta had lodged in 2014, ANI reported. The court took the decision after Zinta did not reply to Wadia’s petition to bring the case to an end, according to The Indian Express.

On October 1, the High Court advised Zinta to consider “finishing off” the case while hearing Wadia’s petition. Zinta’s advocate had told the court that the actor was willing to settle the matter if Wadia apologises. But Wadia’s counsel said the industrialist would not say sorry.

The alleged incident occurred during an Indian Premier League cricket match at the Wankhede Stadium on May 30, 2014. Wadia, who owns the Kings XI Punjab team along with Zinta, had been abusing the team staff over distribution of tickets, according to Zinta. When she asked Wadia to calm down, he allegedly grabbed her arm and molested her.

Zinta submitted four photographs showing “bruise-like” marks on her right arm along with her complaint. Wadia, in his defence, shared the names of nine people who he claimed were present at the stadium at the time of the alleged incident.

In August 2014, Gene Goodenough, an American whom Zinta married in February 2016, emailed his statement to the police. Goodenough supported Zinta’s claims, saying he had intervened when Wadia molested and abused her.

Cricketer David Miller’s father Andrew Miller told the police he was seated far away and though he had seen the estranged couple arguing, he did not see Wadia assault Zinta.