The Uttar Pradesh Police have arrested two men who allegedly raped their teenage sister for four years, the Hindustan Times reported on Friday. The brothers, from Meerut, were arrested after the teenager produced a video clip as evidence.

The 16-year-old girl on Wednesday showed the clip to the Superintendent of Police (City) Ranvijay Singh after which a complaint was registered against the men, aged 21 and 23. A social activist accompanied the girl to Singh’s office. In the complaint, the Class 12 student wrote, “I am fed up of their misdeeds and cannot tolerate it anymore.”

“Both the brothers were arrested and sent to jail on charges of committing rape with their sister,” said Singh.

The girl’s father died a few year ago. She reportedly did not approach the police as the brothers had threatened to kill her and their mother if she informed anyone about the sexual assault. But their mother told the girl to record a video clip and use it as evidence to prove the crime.

Last month, a woman in Shahjahanpur set herself on fire after police officers allegedly refused to file a First Information Report on her rape complaint. The woman died a few days later.