Fuel prices dropped for the seventh consecutive day on Wednesday with a litre of petrol in Delhi costing Rs 0.09 lower at Rs 81.25 per litre and diesel Rs 74.85 per litre. In Mumbai, the price of petrol has been revised to Rs 86.73 per litre, lower by Rs 0.08, and diesel Rs 78.46 per litre.

In Chennai, petrol cost Rs 84.44 and diesel Rs 79.15 per litre, respectively, and Rs 83.10 and Rs 76.70 in Kolkata.

On Monday, fuel dealers in the Capital went on a day-long strike to press the state government to reduce value-added tax on petrol and diesel prices. The Delhi Petrol Dealers’ Association said customers were driving to Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to buy petrol and diesel as fuel prices there are cheaper.

On October 4, the Centre decided to intervene in the market and reduce petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2.50 each.