Fuel prices continued to decline for the ninth consecutive in the country on Friday. Petrol was priced at Rs 80.85 per litre in the Capital on Friday, 25 paise lower than on Thursday. Diesel cost Rs 74.73 per litre, a decline of six paise from Thursday.

In Mumbai, the price of a litre of petrol declined from Rs 86.58 on Thursday to Rs 86.33 on Friday. The price of diesel declined from Rs 78.41 per litre on Thursday to Rs 78.33 per litre on Friday.

The petrol price in Kolkata declined from Rs 82.95 per litre to Rs 82.71 per litre on Friday, while a litre of diesel cost Rs 76.58 on Friday, seven paise cheaper than on Thursday.

Chennai too saw a decline in fuel prices. The price of petrol declined from Rs 84.28 on Thursday to Rs 84.02 per litre on Friday. One litre of diesel cost Rs 79.02 in Chennai, compared to Rs 79.09 on Thursday.

On October 4, the Centre decided to intervene in the market and reduce petrol and diesel prices by Rs 2.50 each.