Former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav on Thursday accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar of snooping on him by installing closed circuit television cameras near his residence.

“Is this Nitish ji’s paranoia for security or many other insecurities, frustrations and apprehensions?” Yadav, a Rashtriya Janata Dal leader, asked in a tweet. He questioned why there was a need for a CCTV camera when a permanent security check post had been installed near his home.

Yadav said that while the chief minister’s residence in Patna was connected to the main road on three sides, his home also opened onto the road from another side. “But the chief minister felt the need for CCTV only on the wall bordering his political adversary’s residence?” he asked. “Someone should tell him that these petty tricks will prove futile!” He added that CCTV cameras should be installed only when necessary.

The leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Assembly claimed that a “heinous crime” took place in Patna every second. “But [the] autocratic, insecure chief minister is more bothered about snooping into the day to day activities of opponents and infringing [upon] their privacy rather than the security of the citizens!,” he tweeted.

Yadav also criticised Kumar for occupying three bungalows. “Nitish Kumar has occupied three chief ministerial bungalows!” he tweeted. “Moreover, one exclusive plush suite in Bihar Bhawan! Why does the self-proclaimed austere CM of a poor state have this obsession with luxury and grandeur? Has he got any morality to answer this?”