The registration process for flying drones began on Saturday, Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha tweeted. Nano drones, which weigh less than 250 grams, will not need to be registered, the Hindustan Times reported. However, all other drones, their pilots and owners will have to be registered on the DigitalSky website.

Sinha said that drone-driven applications are a “vast new market opportunity” for India’s entrepreneurs. “Let a million drones bloom!” he added.

People who wish to fly drones will need a Unique Identification Number, or UIN, for which registration is the first step, Firstpost reported. A UIN will be assigned after one submits a proof of address and permits from the police and the department of telecom. The UIN will be marked on a fireproof plate, which will be attached to the drone.

The user will also have to pay a fee of Rs 1,000 to get the UIN. But a fresh Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit will cost Rs 25,000, renewing which will cost Rs 10,000. The permit is necessary for those who wish to fly aircraft more than 200 feet above the ground.

Furthermore, according to Ministry of Civil Aviation’s drone regulations, no drones can be flown in areas designated “red zones”. They can be flown with permission in yellow zones, and no permission is needed in green zones. However, specific regions around the country, such as places near airports, state secretariats and military installations, have been marked off as “no drone zones”. The drones can be flown only during the day, and at a maximum height of 400 feet.