Nissan Motor Company on Friday said it will recall 1,50,000 vehicles in Japan due to improper final inspections before they were shipped out of two Japanese manufacturing plants, Reuters reported.

“Nissan has newly found several non-conformities that may have caused inaccurate pass/fail judgments,” Nissan said in a press statement. The company said non-conformities involved inspections of brakes, steer wheels, speed measurements and vehicle stability.

Nissan’s Vice President Seiji Honda said that a recall will be issued next week and measures will be taken to prevent such irregularities, reported AP.

Several employees admitted to carrying out “improper” tests on brake and other systems before shipment, reported AFP. The car manufacturer was forced to recall more than 1 million vehicles last year after it admitted that staff who were not qualified had conducted final tests on some vehicles before they were shipped to dealers in Japan.

The recall of vehicles comes less than a month after the company’s Chairperson Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Tokyo on charges of under-reporting his earnings.