The partial government shutdown in the United States is set to extend into next week after legislators failed to end the impasse over President Donald Trump’s demand for a wall on the Mexico border, AFP reported. The government has been in partial shutdown since December 22.

The House and Senate adjourned on Thursday after reconvening for a brief session and made plans to reconvene on Monday, thus delaying an end to the partial government shutdown until next week, CNN reported.

The Democrats have refused to provide $5.7 billion for the border wall, even as Trump insisted that the shutdown will continue till funding is secured for the wall, a promise made during his campaign days that he has pushed since assuming office. Around 8 lakh employees of the government have been affected due to the shutdown.

Trump on Friday criticised the Democrats for “not letting Donald Trump [and] the Republicans have a win”. “They [Democrats] may have the 10 Senate votes, but we have the issue, Border Security. 2020!” the president tweeted.

White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders accused Democrats of “openly choosing to keep our government closed to protect illegal immigrants rather than the American people”. Sanders said the president does not want the government to be shut down, but he “will not sign a proposal that does not first prioritise our country’s safety and security”.

Drew Hammill, a spokesperson for House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, said Democrats have offered Republicans three options to reopen the government, including money for border security but “not the President’s immoral, ineffective and expensive wall”.

Hammill said when Democrats assume the majority in the House on Thursday for the new session of Congress, they plan to “swiftly” bring up a bill to reopen the government.