Bangladesh’s telecom regulator suspended high-speed internet services late on Thursday for several hours ahead of Sunday’s general elections in the country, Daily Star reported. Mobile operators were asked to shut down 3G and 4G services. High-speed internet was restored on Friday morning after 10 hours of blackout.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission issued the order at 10 pm on Thursday, saying only 2G internet would be available. However, at 7.30 am on Friday, the commission asked the four mobile operators to restore 3G and 4G services, without giving any details, Daily Star reported.

As of November, over 6 crore people use 3G and 4G mobile internet services in the country.

The newspaper report also added that Bangladesh’s Election Commission asked the regulator to prepare to block social media websites for three days. The regulator has formed a team to monitor round the clock if any unlawful online activity is detected, unidentified official said.