Ousted Central Bureau of Investigation chief Alok Verma on Friday resigned from service after declining to take charge as the director general of Fire Services, Civil Defence, and Home Guards, PTI reported.

Verma, who was removed from his post on Thursday, wrote to the Department of Personnel and Training Secretary C Chandramouli on Friday, The Indian Express reported.

“The selection committee has not provided the undersigned an opportunity to explain the details as recorded by the CVC [Central Vigilance Commission] before arriving at the decision,” Verma wrote. “Natural justice was scuttled and the entire process was turned upside down in ensuring that the undersigned is removed from the post of the director CBI.”

Verma’s removal came after a selection committee led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi voted in favour of the move. Leader of the Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge, who was a part of the panel, had opposed the removal and sought that Verma be given an opportunity to appear before the committee and represent his case.

Kharge had also contended that Verma should not be penalised and should be given an extension of 77 days, in compensation for the period he was not allowed to attend office.

Verma further said that his removal was “a moment for collective introspection”. “The decisions made yesterday [Thursday] will not just be a reflection on my functioning but will become a testimony on how the CBI as an institution will be treated by any government through the CVC, who is appointed by majority members of the ruling government,” he wrote.

Verma added that he had already superannuated as on January 31, 2017, and was only serving the government as CBI director till January 31, 2019. “The undersigned is no longer director, CBI, and has already crossed the superannuation age for DG Fire Service, Civil Defence and Home Guards,” he wrote. “Accordingly, the undersigned may be deemed as superannuated with effect from today.”