Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party have sought feedback from citizens through a survey on the NaMo mobile application. The survey, titled “People’s Pulse”, asks people if the mahagathbandhan – the Opposition’s grand anti-BJP alliance – will work, and also seeks ratings on various parameters of governance.

“I want your direct feedback through the survey,” Modi said in a video on his social media profiles on Monday. “Your feedback matters. Your feedback on various issues will will help us take important decisions.”

The survey is spread across nine tabs. After the user chooses their state and constituency, the survey asked them what they think of the progress achieved by the Centre in sectors such as affordable healthcare, prosperity of farmers, corruption-free governance, Swachh Bharat, national security, economy, infrastructure, creation of jobs, rural electrification and uplifting of poor people.

The appeal for feedback comes months ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and after the BJP’s loss in three key states in the Hindi heartland – Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh.

The survey lists options such as cleanliness, employment, education, law and order, price rise, corruption and farmers welfare to ask people about the matters that they consider while voting. Users are also asked to pick the most popular BJP leaders in their constituency as well as their state and how accessible their current MP is, and if they are popular.

Users are also asked if they are happy with the condition of several amenities such as roads, water and power in their constituency. They are also asked whether the working culture of the government of India is improving, if they feel “more optimistic” about the future of India and if they think there will be any impact of the proposed Mahagathbandhan in their constituency.