Madhya Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party leader Manoj Thackeray was found dead in a field on Sunday morning. Thackeray, a leader from Balwadi village in Sendhawa tehsil, was found dead after he had gone out for a morning walk, the Hindustan Times reported.

“A blood-stained rock has been found from the site,” a police official told ANI. “Speculation is that he was killed with that rock. Investigation is being done.”

Thackeray was the Balwadi town mandal president of the BJP, according to The Times of India.

This is the second Madhya Pradesh BJP leader to be found dead in a week. Unidentified gunmen had shot dead Prahlad Bandhwar, the president of the Mandsaur Municipal Corporation, on Thursday evening.

On Friday, Chief Minister Kamal Nath had claimed that Bandhwar’s murder was an internal matter of the BJP. Responding to a letter from his predecessor, BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Nath had told reporters: “There is no doubt who is the accused and who has committed the crime. But there should be no politics over this issue.”

On Sunday, Chouhan criticised the Congress government, claiming there was a larger conspiracy behind the killings, ANI reported. “The government is taking this lightly,” he said. “I demand an inquiry by the Central Bureau of Investigation. I warn the government to stop such incidents, or the BJP will come out on the streets.”

He said that the Congress used to talk of changing the state after coming to power, but now, murders had begun instead. “Criminals are fearless today,” Chouhan said. “Law and order has completely collapsed.”