Retail giant Amazon on Monday announced that it has elected former Pepsico Chief Executive Officer Indra Nooyi to its board of directors. India-born Nooyi is the second woman of colour to join the board.

The former Pepsico CEO is among five women on the 11-member Amazon board of directors, Reuters reported. Nooyi has been granted 549 shares of common company stock.

Earlier in February, the company elected Starbucks executive Rosalind Brewer to the board. “We are thrilled to have elected two new members to our Board of Directors this month,” PTI quoted the company statement as saying. “Welcome, Roz Brewer and Indra Nooyi.”

Nooyi will be a member of Amazon’s audit committee. The 63-year-old was Pepsico’s CEO from October 2006 to October 2018. She was also chairperson of Pepsico’s board of directors from May 2007 to February 2019.

Nooyi was the first foreign-born CEO of PepsiCo and the first woman to lead the multinational food and beverage corporation.

In 2018, Amazon had announced its decision to increase diversity on its board by nominating women and minority group members, Reuters reported.