Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Tuesday that the Aam Aadmi Party will win all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi even without an alliance with the Congress, News18 reported.

“The people of Delhi have decided to make all seven AAP MPs victorious with large margins on the basis of the demand for full statehood,” Kejriwal said. “Even without the Congress, the AAP will win all seven seats in Delhi.”

Congress’ Delhi unit chief Sheila Dikshit had last week said that her party was unanimously against an alliance with the AAP for Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. On Monday, Congress President Rahul Gandhi had urged workers to make sure they win all seven seats in Delhi.

Kejriwal said people will vote for full statehood this time. “The people of Delhi used to vote for prime ministers,” Kejriwal said at a press conference. “But this did not get them any benefits. This time, they will vote for full statehood. The people of Delhi have been oppressed, insulted for 70 years.”

Kejriwal claimed that while Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar envisioned the “one person, one vote” principle, the people of Delhi have only “half a vote”, while the rest of India has one vote per person.

Kejriwal said that Delhi, which has a population of 2 crore, is allocated only Rs 325 crore by the Centre. On the other hand, Goa, which has a much lower population, is allocated Rs 3,200 crore. “They say this is because Delhi is half a state,” Kejriwal said. “Why is it half a state? In 70 years, all states have got full statehood, why is only Delhi left out?”

The chief minister said that after winning the 2015 Assembly polls with a thumping majority, the Aam Aadmi Party government completed several works, despite the interference of the Centre. “But all the work cannot be done fully until Delhi becomes a full state,” he added.

Kejriwal added that women continue to feel unsafe in Delhi, due to the sale of illicit alcohol and drugs in various parts of the state, as well as thefts and robberies. He blamed the police force, which is under the authority of the Centre. Kejriwal claimed that while he as chief minister does not have any power over the police force, the prime minister (Narendra Modi) and Union home minister (Rajnath Singh) do not have time to listen to the people. “Where will the people go?” Kejriwal asked.

The chief minister claimed all these problems would be solved if Delhi achieves full statehood. “Just as we improved government schools and hospitals in Delhi, we will improve the law and order situation,” Kejriwal said.

The chief minister said 85% of seats in educational institutions and jobs should be reserved for Delhi citizens. Kejriwal said the Centre has not given the state permission to open new colleges.

“The people of Delhi have made up their mind,” Kejriwal claimed. “The way the people of Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand fought for a separate state, the people of Delhi will fight and win.”

Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Manoj Tiwari said on Monday that the city will not get full statehood, Kejriwal alleged. The chief minister said this exposes the BJP’s hypocrisy. He also charged Narendra Modi with not fulfilling the promise of full statehood he had made in 2014.