Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday claimed Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been trying to create two Indias for the last five years.

Addressing the party’s Jan Sankalp Rally in Rajasthan’s Suratgarh, Gandhi said, “One India for the rich…a country of private jets and people like Anil Ambani. The other India is for labourers, small traders, daily wage earners, unemployed youth and women.”

The Congress scion said his party believed that since India has one flag, the country should accommodate one and all. “In Narendra Modi’s India, only the rich can dream,” said Gandhi. He said the ruling Modi-led government has weakened all the schemes meant to benefit the poor. “Modi never understood [rural job guarantee scheme] MNREGA. It uplifted 14 lakh people out of poverty.”

Taking a jibe at Modi’s claim to be the country’s chowkidar (watchman), Gandhi claimed the prime minister was actually the chowkidar of Anil Ambani. “Are there chowkidars at farmer’s home, are there chowkidars in houses of people of no jobs?” he asked. “PM Modi has not told you that he is the chowkidar of Nirav Modi and Anil Ambani.” Nirav Modi is accused in the Punjab National Bank scam, while Gandhi has consistently claimed there was corruption in the Rafale defence contract that Ambani’s company was given.

Gandhi added that Ambani was in Modi’s delegation that went to France to negotiate the Rafale deal. Gandhi alleged that Modi took the defence contract from state-run Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and gave it to Ambani.

Gandhi promised a “surgical strike” on poverty with his party’s minimum income scheme that was unveiled on Monday. “We will eradicate poverty in the country,” he claimed. “No country has done this in history. There should not be a single poor person in the country. If Modi gives money to the rich, the Congress will give money to the poor.” Referring to Modi’s 2014 poll promise, Gandhi said: “I won’t say Rs 15 lakh but I’ll say we will put Rs 72,000 in the bank accounts of the poor.”