West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of not doing anything for the country, PTI reported. The Trinamool Congress chief was speaking at a rally in Coochbehar.

Earlier on Wednesday, Modi had referred to her as a “speed breaker”.

“Today at Siliguri you mentioned our government has done nothing for the poor,” Banerjee said. “Expiry baby, what have you done?” She claimed that the income of farmers increased three times in West Bengal under her administration, while 12,000 farmers committed suicide during Modi’s Union administration rule, the news agency reported.

Banerjee said that the Modi-led government has mocked the Army by referring to it as the “Modi’s Sena”. She was referring to the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Adityanath’s remark about the Indian Army. “I am born in the land of Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore,” Banerjee said. “We will not take a nationalist certificate from you.”

She also accused Modi of dividing the country based on religion. “You will salute Amma and not say salam to the Ammi next door,” she said. “This country cannot be divided. They want to feed you Dilli ka ladoo, first take care of Delhi, then come to Bengal.”

The TMC chief contested Modi’s claims about her government’s performance. “I am not Modi, I don’t tell lies,” Banerjee said. She also challenged Modi to a public debate.

The chief minister apologised to the gathering for her delay in arriving and attributed it to VIP movement in the region in an apparent reference to Modi’s event in Siliguri. “I have nothing against VIP movement, but it is not right to block roads and airspace,” Banerjee said.