British MPs on Wednesday voted in favour of asking Prime Minister Theresa May to seek an extension to the Brexit date to avoid a no-deal scenario, BBC reported. The proposal by Labour Party’s Yvette Cooper was passed with 313 votes against 312.

The development comes amid negotiations between May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to end the deadlock on the matter. The Bill is subject to an approval from the House of Lords and needs the European Union’s permission for an extension on the United Kingdom’s exit from the bloc.

The bill proposed that May ask the European Union for an extension to the exit date beyond April 12. The Parliament will decide on the quantum of the delay.

March 29 was the original date for Brexit, but the Parliament has repeatedly failed to decide on the terms of the exit. Last week, May had offered to resign if the deal was passed, in a bid to win over rebels in her Conservative Party.

On Monday, lawmakers had failed to find a majority on any alternative Brexit plan before them. The legislators have already rejected the Brexit divorce deal three times. The European Union had set the deadline for the UK to decide on agreeing to the exit terms negotiated with May.

The only motion that came close to getting a majority was a proposal to keep Britain in a customs union with the European Union, Reuters reported. The motion was defeated by three votes.

A proposal to hold a second referendum went down by 292 to 280 votes. However, May is opposed to holding another referendum and has said it would betray the voters who were promised that the result of 2016 referendum would be implemented.