Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday accused the Congress of an “election scam”, claiming that the party had looted the money meant “for the poor and pregnant women” in the country. Modi said the Opposition party is known by many names as far as scams are concerned.

The prime minister said his government had brought many Opposition leaders to the doorstep of jails in the last five years, and if he is elected again, they will be inside prisons. “Now, it has got a new name, but with proof,” Modi said at a rally in Gujarat’s Junagadh. “The Congress is indulging in a ‘Tughlaq Road Chunavi ghotala [election scam]’, in which money meant for the poor is being usurped for their own leaders. Money meant for pregnant women is looted.”

Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s residence as a legislator is on Tughlak Lane in New Delhi, while Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath’s residence as an MP is on Tughlaq Road.

Referring to the searches conducted by the Income Tax Department in Madhya Pradesh, Modi said the state has become the “new ATM” of the Congress. “You have seen in the media in the last three to four days, how sacks full of cash were found from Congress leaders. It has not even been six months of the government in Madhya Pradesh,” Modi said.

He claimed the situation in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, where the Congress formed governments in December, was no different and that the Congress was interested in only looting people after coming to power. “The story of Congress is a story of one family,” he said.

Narendra Modi also claimed the Congress was seeking proofs for the air strikes conducted against Pakistan. The Congress got a “stomachache” after the Indian forces conducted the strikes, he said.

“The Congress is scared of surgical strike, air strike. Our jawans showed courage against Pakistan, and this is troubling Congress leaders,” he said.

Addressing another rally in Songadh in Tapi district of Gujarat, Modi alleged that the Congress party is trying to “fulfil the demands of Pakistan”, according to PTI. He also criticised the party for promising to repeal the sedition law in its poll manifesto. “The Congress manifesto is totally opposite to the thinking of Sardar Patel,” Modi said. “If he was alive, he would have rejected this manifesto. They are abusing our armed forces.”

“They want to reduce the strength of our forces in Kashmir. This manifesto is an attempt to fulfil the demands of Pakistan,” he added.